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You can see tournaments in action by visiting and entering 'English Shuffleboard' or 'Friends of St.Nicholas Shuffleboard Tournament' in the search box. The 'English Shuffleboard' video was a submission to 'Dragons Den on-line'. The offer made in the video is available to any entrepreneur, patron, sponsor or wellwisher supporting a bonafide charity or business. Telephone 01273 564375 for further information.
We have three types of shuffleboard in stock. They are the Heemskerk Tournament HS30 Family Shuffleboard (£125) The Heemskerk HS40 Tournament Board (£155) and the Heemskerk Tournament HS40F Folding Shuffleboard (£165).Delivery charge per board is £15 (England & Wales mainland) or collect by arrangement Tel. 01273 564375. Other UK locations and International delivery can be arranged, price on request. The game of shuffleboard is known under a variety of names inc
Easy to play. No complicated rules. Great fun. You slide discs along a narrow board and knock them through gaps to score points. Complete a set, a disc through each gap and you double your score! A game is made up of 3 rounds. In the first round use all 30 discs. In rounds two and three use the discs not in the scoring area. Add up your score at the end of the game. Individual or team game. You can play standing up or sitting down.
There are four compartments scoring 2,3,4 and 1 points (See the dots above the gaps).These add up to 10 points however when you manage to complete a set* (*a disc in each compartment) you double your score to 20 points. Discs not in sets at the end of the game score the value of their compartment.
You add up at the end of the game. First count the number of sets (20 points for each) then count the value of the discs not in sets. Discs not in sets score the value of their compartment (ie. 2,3,4 or 1). EXAMPLE 3 sets = 60 points, 5 extra discs in No.2 = 10 points, 3 extra discs in No.3 = 9 points, 2 extra discs in No.1 = 2 points. The game total is 60+10+9+2 = 81 points.
The most popular form of shuffleboard played in the UK is the team tournament. When players arrive at an event they are organised into teams of three players. They decide on a team name and collect a scorecard. The tournament director gives a brief introduction to the game,how the event works and the tournament starts.To view the slide show go to Click Here To Enlarge Image then click on Slide Show.Great fun, the team tournament is an enjoyable social event.
Shuffleboard 'Team' Tournament Scorecard - click to enlarge photograph then go to 'slide show'.
At tournaments each shuffleboard has a scorer.Teams are coded 'A', 'B' and 'C'. When 'A' teams are playing any member of a 'B' or 'C' team can act as a scorer on any table. In other words, members of non-playing teams always act as table scorers. The table scorer is in overall charge of the game and their decision on 'fouls' and 'scoring discs' is final. At the end of a game they add up the score and write it on the playing teams scorecard.


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Welcome to English Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard (Shovillaborde) existed in England over 500 years ago. It is an exciting variant of Shov-Ha'Penny. Henry VIII was very fond of the game. The Royal Expenses for 1532 show a payment from the Privy Purse of nine pounds:

''Paided to my lord Wylliam for that he wanne of the Kinges grace at shovillaborde''

The game was made illegal as early as 1542. Played in taverns it was feared that it might keep the proletariat from work!

Attempts to ban the game were never completely effective. It was simply too popular. Even after Cromwell came to power, when it was listed with other diversions as immoral, the game continued to thrive.

During the early part of the twentieth century 'Sjoelbak' a Dutch variation of the game emerged. A standard specification for the board and discs was introduced in 1966 in response to the growth of club and tournament play.

Today shuffleboard (sjoelbak) is played across the UK. The most popular event is the 'Team Tournament'. Each team has three players. Taking part in a shuffleboard tournament brings this typical response: ''Brilliant event,getting lots of happy feedback'' C.Bartram, Donnington Hall.